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The advantages of contemporary style interior design

26 May, 2020 · Blog

As a company specializing in house renovations and interior design in Barcelona, there are many renovation projects that we carry out during the year. The options we offer at Grupo Inventia are based on a modern and functional design, adapting in a personalized way to the needs and tastes of each customer.

interiorismo contemporáneo

That’s why we have an excellent department of interior design. Our professionals have the experience to be able to offer the best projects for the new image of a home. While each person is a world and we work with all kinds of options for the moving image of a house, contemporary style interior design is one of the most requested.

Modern and cozy

One of the main factors in favor of contemporary interior design is that it offers a modern image and generates spaces in which it is easy to achieve a bright and visually spacious atmosphere. That translates into very comfortable and welcoming rooms, both in terms of image and comfort.

In turn, it is a decorative style in which various types of decoration can fit perfectly. In other words, it allows you to furnish and configure the rooms of the home in a practical way and does not close doors to different options. Our interior design projects have a lot

take this circumstance into account and we have the perfect finishes to get what the owners are looking for.

cocina contemporáneo

Through a contemporary interior design we can decorate the house with different decorative styles. For example, a minimalist, Nordic, rustic, etc. decoration. they can be perfectly adapted to the general idea. Thanks to the variety of options offered by the market, we can equip our home with furniture and ornaments with the exact finishes to our idea.

Key elements

Obviously the configuration of the contemporary interior design has some key elements. One of the most important is the color with which the walls will be painted, as they will be the wrapper of the new image. In that plot the most used shades are the neutral ones. We refer to the color white, beige, gray and derivatives. These tones are excellent when planning a contemporary interior design project. With them we get natural light to expand to every corner of the house.

As we have mentioned, contemporary design accepts all kinds of decorative shapes. This will allow us to try different pieces of furniture to find the ones that best fit the taste of the owners. In turn, they can also contribute with their colors to generate those luminous spaces so characteristic of this interior design.

Gray or beige textiles will work very well in this aspect. Similarly, furniture with wood finishes will also be very well received in contemporary interior design. We will also play with crystals and mirrors, as it is advisable not to block the light. Wooden doors with glass, glass scepter tables, etc. they will be the most successful pieces to use.

dormitorio contemporáneo

Interior design in Barcelona

The interior design of a home is very personal and in Grupo Inventia we take it into account. We do not work with prefabricated projects and offer a high level of customization. Our department of interior design in Barcelona will work to present you with an interior design project that reflects the needs and tastes you have described to us.

Both on our website and on our social networks you can see all the renovation and interior design projects we have carried out to date and can serve as inspiration. To request your interior design project you can fill out this form and once we contact you we will give it to you for free and without any commitment.