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The best choice for the tiles in your home

20 May, 2019 · Blog

Although over time the trends in the world of interior design have changed and there are elements that will never go out of fashion and will continue to be used. On this occasion we refer to the tiles, an ideal element to cover walls in a very interesting decorative way to protect them in key areas of the house.

We are going to take advantage of this post to talk about the second point, the practical benefits that the tiles can offer to be used in certain rooms. Before starting we would like to mention that Grupo Inventia has an interior design in Barcelona service that will advise you personally in your project by offering you the best ideas and advice.

Clean and shiny

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the tiles is the ease they offer when it comes to cleaning. Its smooth texture is ideal for applying cleaning products and removing it with any type of cloth. For this reason, wall tiles are applied in rooms such as the kitchen or bathrooms, areas that are prone to stain or humidity.

Whether it is a tile at medium altitude or full wall, the tiles make it easier for these rooms to always look for the best wales. In the bathroom, this decision can lead to certain doubts, but choose which one you choose to enter. On the other hand, the cooktop wall of the kitchen is presented as the area indicated for being tiled.

Interior design

In addition to its practical side, tiles will play a fundamental role in creating our interior design project. Thanks to them, we can make our rooms look the way we want. In fact, the market offers plenty of possibilities, so it will be easy to find the ones that are best suited to our decorative style.

While using tiles of a color such as beige, gray or other neutral tones, we guarantee comfortable environments, we can always go further. If we want more personality we can always opt for embossed finishes or wooden imitations, even the metro tiles are often one of the options for which more people opt for.

Interior design in Barcelona

From the interior design department of Grupo Inventia, we offer personalized and personalized attention for each owner. Whether it be a total or partial renewal, the projects of our company of house renovations in Barcelona guarantee you a perfect price at a very competitive price. Contact us and inform you without obligation.