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The best colors for modern bedrooms

20 December, 2022 · Blog

In a home we can find several spaces with multiple functions. The living room can be used to relax as a family or to socialize with friends. In the same way that the kitchen has become a meeting space in addition to being the place to prepare our food.

Between all these areas of the home we find the bedroom. It is a space intended for personal rest and that also shelters our tastes. For this reason, the decoration and design of a bedroom take on great importance in the field of interior design.

dormitorio moderno

All our decorative taste needs a wrap according to the characteristics assumed in our room. So let’s devote a few lines to commenting on which are the best colors for modern bedrooms. For this we will talk about some possibilities for each of the family members.

Marriage room colors

The main bedroom of the house is usually the most outstanding in terms of its design. Unlike the smaller bedrooms, this one is presumed to be more durable. Being a shared space, it must offer warmth and well-being to its users. For this reason, the best colors for a marriage room are neutrals such as beige, white or all grays.

colores dormitorios modernos

The idea of the master bedroom is to enhance characteristics such as brightness and visual amplitude. In this way, you can create a cozy space that allows excellent mobility. For example, a beige room would be a good idea for a matrimonial bedroom.

In addition, the neutral tones fit very well with the concept of colors for modern bedrooms. One of its great advantages is that it can be adapted to different types of decoration and accepts very different finishes. In sense you can get a minimalist, contemporary and even a rustic bedroom.

Colors for youth rooms

When choosing colors for modern bedrooms, we will also have to think about the young and small in the house. In this sense, different options can be given, from maintaining the overall image in each room or, on the contrary, to allow some modification in the colors.

We know that these bedrooms will change over time, even so we must think about more subtle changes than drastic ones. For this there are techniques that generate a more fun environment, although in accordance with the interior design of the rest of the house. You could use the two-color bedroom technique or introduce tones to get blue rooms, green bedrooms, etc.

dormitorio moderno juvenil

When applying it, think of light shades that will not distort too much the contemporary atmosphere of the home. The idea is that the little ones and young people in the house have their own space and that all the bedrooms follow a very similar line in terms of the colors of their walls.

Complements for modern bedrooms

As we have already mentioned, the colors for modern bedrooms have the advantage of adapting to different decorations. When referring to neutral tones, it is easier to associate wooden finishes and different elements in warm tones. It is true that it is the image that is usually associated with a warm and cozy rest space.

One of the elements that also plays a fundamental role in a modern bedroom is the floor. Following the contemporary decorative line, it can be said that the parquet floor is an excellent option. Currently, there are both natural and laminated parquet floors that offer durability and different finishes.

Furniture with wooden finishes is also very appreciated in cream-colored rooms. The contrast it generates fits perfectly into the cozy atmosphere of a bedroom, both in the main and in the rest. From here you can try until you find the design that best suits your tastes.

dormitorio moderno muebles madera

Cozy bedroom

In general, the best colors for modern bedrooms are those that last longer. With the key detail that you can vary the decoration without the need to carry out painting work or changing elements such as the floor or doors. In this way, the neutral tones fit wonderfully into the modern and current bedroom concept.