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The best colors for small kitchens

19 June, 2023 · Blog

One of the most important spaces in the home is the kitchen. It is a very important area that needs to be in the best conditions at all times. Both for our comfort when using it and for the image we project on visits. Some essential features in a kitchen are cleanliness and organization.

Obviously not all kitchens are the same and in some you need to enhance aspects of the image to get more match. At this point we will focus on discussing which are the best colors for small kitchens. In this type of kitchen, in addition to the functionality of the equipment, the design also plays a fundamental role.

colores para cocinas pequeñas

The interior image of the kitchens is applied based on enhancing certain characteristics. By making daily use of it, we must achieve a pleasant space that feels spacious. In this sense, the choice of colors for the kitchen are essential to achieve this. Thanks to this, a small kitchen can generate more visual space.

White and wood kitchen

A color for small kitchens that works very well is white. Usually the color white is used precisely to generate more visual amplitude in the spaces. It works in living rooms, bedrooms and also in kitchens. The key is to take advantage of the natural or artificial luminosity of the space and enhance it with the color white.

In this way we will manage to give our small kitchen more light and visual breadth. Since it is an area of daily use, these are two essential features to create a good atmosphere. To do this, the kitchen furniture must be white and the counters as well, or a neutral shade that maintains a fluid image.

Continuing with this we can opt for a white and wooden kitchen. We can choose this natural style finish for the counters, upper cabinets and even some shelves. It is currently one of the most chosen kitchen designs by people interested in renewing the kitchen.

cocina blanca y madera

Colors of modern kitchens

Colors for small kitchens are also associated with modernity. Enhancing brightness and spaciousness through colors and finishes denotes that every detail is studied. At the same time, the most common thing is to want a modern kitchen that is in line with current trends. In this sense we can refer to smooth cabinet panels, some touch of metal or led lights that illuminate the counter.

In this sense, colors also come into play, since in addition to the white and wooden kitchen we mentioned, there are more options. Among the best colors for a small kitchen we also have shades of gray. It is an ideal color for modern kitchens and can be combined with other elements such as tiles or flooring.

In addition to gray kitchens, we can also try other tones such as beige. It also allows the light to flow properly and can combine with classic wood finishes. Conversely, among the colors for small kitchens, it is not advisable to use dark shades or very striking colors. Black kitchens or furniture with finishes in red or green tones do not contribute to creating harmony in our kitchen.

Colors for kitchens

cocinas pequeñas

Studying the possibilities in terms of colors for a small kitchen will achieve very good results. It’s about making the most of the available elements and combining neutral tones together.