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The best selection of doors for your home

12 May, 2020 · Blog

At Grupo Inventia we prepare every home renovation job in detail. Whether complete or partial, we offer a wide variety in each element to be renewed, from the smallest details to the largest. One of them is the new doors for your home, for which we have many possibilities when choosing them.

As with other items, we work with the best distributors and offer the guarantee that they are made with the best materials. Your new doors will be strong and durable. Deciding to carry out a renovation in your home is an important decision, which is why at Grupo Inventia we want to have the best options for you. The catalog of doors we have is wide and varied, you are sure to find those that best fit your style.

Neutral style doors

After a large number of house renovations works, we can say that one of the most requested decorative styles by the owners is the neutral or contemporary. The desire to have bright and visually spacious spaces make it a perfect choice. A cozy and warm atmosphere is always welcome in any home.

Although in our catalog we have doors for all types of decorative styles, there are some more requested than others. For example, the white lacquered door has been replaced by the door with horizontal lines. It is a style that adapts perfectly to the contemporary interior design, maintaining a relaxed and at the same time very modern image.

It is no coincidence that it is one of the most chosen to renovate the doors of the home. Its color and finish contribute greatly to generating spacious and bright environments, in addition to being able to fit both in the aforementioned contemporary style and in the minimalist or Nordic, for example. The entrance to any room in the home will be perfect with this type of door. In addition to the classic white, in Grupo Inventia we also have in stock the same doors with horizontal lines with wood finishes and other colors.

Sliding doors

When carrying out housing rehabilitation work, one of the most requested demands is to generate space. While this can be accomplished with the demolition of walls or with the right choice of paint, there are cases where it can be complicated, especially by the structure of the building.

Even so, this aspect can be solved in another way and ample and functional stays can be obtained. In this case we could focus on rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens in a separate room. A sliding door will be an ideal option to make the most of the space available inside the room.

Sliding doors have gone from being a very modern option, and in some cases exclusive, to being commonplace and seen in all types of homes. Its operation is key so that the space is not reduced when the door is opened. After seeing some examples in renovations already made, it is very difficult not to opt for this type of door for your home.

Light conductors

The two doors mentioned above make up an important part of Grupo Inventia’s catalog, although they are by no means the only ones. As a company of renovations and interior design we have the mission to offer a great variety of options. For us each owner is unique and we have to be ready to offer what he wants.

For this reason we also have classic image doors, whether smooth or with glass. The latter are perfect for livingrooms that have a good entry of natural light. A glass door will allow light coming from outside to spread throughout the house helping to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Barcelona doors

A home renovation job involves all kinds of changes and in Grupo Inventia we have the best materials and professionals in the sector to carry them out. From the moving image to the equipment of specific rooms. And as we have seen, a variety of new doors for your home.

To request your project and renovation budget, you can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this form. We will deliver both to you at no cost or commitment.