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A perfect livingroom for summer

8 June, 2016 · Blog · Tags:

One of the rooms of our home where we spend most time is the livingroom. It is a space provided for relaxation and socialization, either with friends or family. Therefore, the livingroom has to be to our liking and offer the best comforts.

But now comes the summer we have adapted differently, you have to print more freshness and clarity to spend hot days as pleasant as possible.

Thus, from the department of interiors design of Grupo Inventia discuss some ideas that can make our livingroom a space very pleasant and very Mediterranean.

Neutral textiles

Now you can enjoy more daylight hours is essential that show as textile curtains are neutral tones. The light from outside should not be any obstacle to get into our livingroom and expand to the rest of the house.

For this, the colors shown are white, of course, beige or soft shades of gray and brown. In turn, also have a place in Mediterranean colors like blue, which also bring freshness to the room.

Furniture discreet and effective

During the winter it is common to have a blanket, pillows and other items that do not add warmth to the livingroom. However, during the summer we can do without it and the less the better.

In this case we bet sofas and armchairs free of pillows, a decorative fine, but we have to release the space to run the air. As in the previous point, the colors of the furniture should be neutral and fresh, something you can get some fine cloth placed over it.

Your livingroom

Imagine this scene: sunny day, the windows of the livingroom open and a cool breeze caresses every corner of the hotel while you’re on your couch gray resting or chatting with friends … it’s perfect!