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The strengths of industrial design

25 January, 2023 · Blog

As a renovation an interior design company, we have the duty to be up to date with the latest news and trends in the decoration sector. One of our tasks is to provide the best advice to those interested in renovating their home. For this we have a department specialized in interior design.

This is a sector in which the possibilities are endless and each case is personal and particular. In this way, a company like ours must have extensive knowledge of interior decoration. One of the current booming trends is industrial design. It is a combination of functional elements with a slightly retro image.

estilo diseño industrial

It seems appropriate to approach this decorative style a little more and comment on its strong points. The industrial design can be applied in all types of homes and the results are very satisfactory. In addition, the market is up to date and offers all kinds of possibilities to make industrial style as welcoming as any other.

Characteristics of industrial design

As we mentioned, industrial interior design is a popular option today. Many owners want their home to have a unique and elegant style. This type of decorative style is characterized by combining modern and industrial design elements. In this way, functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces can be created.

As its name indicates, industrial design is characterized by the use of industrial materials such as metal, concrete or wood. All this without any specific element, since it can be used in different options for any piece of furniture. In terms of aesthetics, the visible brick finishes also stand out, a recognizable feature of the industrial style.

Industrial style furniture

The key to applying a good industrial design is to achieve a balance between the industrial elements and the modern elements that are used. For this it is a good idea to use different materials and textures as mentioned above. In this line and associated with the industrial style, these elements must be used consistently to achieve a homogeneous environment.

A little variety is recommended for the new furniture in our industrial design apartment. One of the trends in this decoration is mixing elements from different eras. This way you can combine a retro industrial style with a more modern one. After all, the appearance of the factories was changing, although without losing its essence.

cocina diseño industrial

Paying attention to this detail will achieve a unique appearance with an industrial feel in any space. Industrial-style furniture such as chairs, tables or shelves can be made of various materials such as metal or wood. A correct combination will give us a perfect result, we can even play with different colors.

Decorative accessories

In addition to the overall image of the floor and the more voluminous furniture, decorative details are also important in industrial design. Although we have mentioned it, exposed elements are common in industrial interior design. We are referring, for example, to metal pipes or exposed brick that are part of the decoration itself. These decorative and functional elements manage to impress a touch of unmistakable industrial style. In addition, they contribute to maintaining the modern aspect of a current floor.

diseño industrial retro

Using a large part of the details described, you can achieve a classy industrial decorative style in our home. To put the finishing touches on the pastel, we can decorate it with pictures and other decorative elements that give a greater industrial feel. Among them we can recommend old signs, wall clocks or industrial style lamps.

Current decorative styles

Given the strong points of the industrial design we can conclude that it is an excellent option for owners who want to have a unique style in the home. Whether it is a renovation or a redecoration, it will be an adventure with fond memories. Especially if we keep in mind that the market offers us a great variety of options within the same industrial style.