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Three ways to decorate with carpets

4 March, 2022 · Blog · Tags:

In the interior design company Grupo Inventia we are proud to be able to work with all kinds of decorative styles. Only in this way can we meet all the demands we receive to renovate floors both in terms of interior design and equipment. Our team is made up of versatile professionals and we have a wide and varied catalog of options.

All this serves as an excuse for us to comment on all kinds of ideas and tips for home decor. Over the years we have worked with many variants and we have used very different decorative elements. Of all of them, carpets are one of the most immovable. Whatever design you want to print in the home… there will be a rug in one of your rooms.

As with all factors related to interior design and home renovations, there is a long list of options for choosing the best rugs. In this post we will concretize in three ways to decorate with carpets. To do this, we have chosen different decorative styles to comment on how well-chosen carpets can contribute to the interior design.

Nordic style

A type of rug with a very marked personality are those that fit into the Nordic style. They are usually hairy and colorful that generate their own luminosity. It is worth mentioning that this is largely the case with Nordic interior design. Thanks to this decoration you get a very bright and cozy interior decoration.

alfombra diseño nordico

In this case, these are carpets that must be well connected to their environment. If we want to opt for this style the rest of the space must go together. For this reason it is a type of carpet that fits well in white rooms and have good entrances of natural light.

Decorate with Nordic style carpets is common in spaces such as the living room and bedrooms. In the first case a central carpet defines the distribution of the room. On the other hand, smaller size rugs at the foot of the bed will be a perfect decorative addition to a bedroom.

The colors of the Boho style

A style practically opposite to the previous one is the boho style. It abounds in vivid colors both solo and combined with each other. Of the many decorative elements that have emerged and can arise from this type of decoration, boho carpets are among the most notable. One of its positive points is that they can be integrated into contemporary image spaces.

Obviously they have a definite decorative style and it is not that they fit in all the spaces. However in neutral, modern or contemporary interior design they provide an excellent point of color. They have the ability to integrate into this type of environment and stand out, although without capturing all the decorative prominence.

alfombra estilo boho

There is nothing better than decorating with boho-style rugs. Whether natural or synthetic parquet, wood finishes are the best ally for colorful boho rugs. When choosing the colors you will take into account how they are around you and the size of the carpet itself. For example, in a large space such as the livingroom, it is advisable to opt for less striking colors. In spaces such as bedrooms or the hall we can afford a more striking color note.

Neutral spaces

A very marked style, striking colors… Now we are going to comment on which carpets to use in those neutral spaces that seek to generate a warm and welcoming atmosphere. That is, areas of a house in which comfortable environments with an interior design suitable for all audiences are desired. By this we mean neutral shades such as beige, white or gray.

In this type of interior design decorate with carpets will be very simple and will be those elements that round out the overall image of the home. More than anything because the carpets can be the same color as the walls and create a homogeneous image in the room in question. They can also be combined in the style of white walls and gray carpets, for example.

As in the previous style, the type of flooring will also play a key role in choosing carpets. As they are neutral shades, parquet floors will be the best surfaces for our carpets to rest on. In the same way, smooth tiles in the mentioned tones also generate good contexts.

alfombra estilo neutro

Decorate our house with carpets

From the interior design department of Grupo Inventia we provide personalized advice to all our clients. You will be able to choose all the aspects of the interior design of the home thanks to the extensive catalog that we have in the company and we will even make views to show rooms of contrasting marks. Request all the information you need without any commitment by calling 93 209 97 17.