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Tips for a small bathroom renovation

10 January, 2023 · Blog

One of the challenges as a company of renovation and interior design is to be able to achieve everything the owners want in their new home. Sometimes it is very simple, although in others ingenuity and experience play a fundamental role. When renovating a small bathroom it is usually the most common.

color para baños pequeños

The bathroom is a daily toilet space that is used several times. One of the essential characteristics of a good bathroom is that it must offer the best performance at all times. That is why it is one of the areas of the house with the most demand for renovation and updating.

Small bathroom renovations can be very ingenious. In a limited space you have to install everything necessary to offer a functional and effective use. In addition to improving its image according to the current trends that have been chosen by those interested. With these premises, it is a good moment to share ideas and tips for a small bathroom renovation.

Color for a small bathroom

One of the first points in the small bathroom renovation is to establish its new image. Which style of interior design to apply is very important to give our toilet space some characteristics or others. As we have mentioned, this is an area for daily use and must have a pleasant atmosphere.

In this section, personal taste will play a fundamental role. Even so, there are several recommended guidelines when choosing the color for small bathrooms. In this sense, the color white will always be a highly recommended option. Either with the tiles of a tile or with the painting of the walls.

baño pequeño

The objective in interior design in small bathrooms is to give them a greater sense of spaciousness and visual space. These are essential characteristics that can be achieved with the color white. In this sense, it is the best color so that natural or artificial light flows easily and illuminates the entire small bathroom.

Sanitary ware for small bathrooms

Another aspect that must be considered very well when small bathroom renovation is the sanitary equipment that you want to install. In this case we want a bathroom complete with three sanitary pieces. Currently this has ceased to be a puzzle, since the market is responsible for producing sanitary pieces of all kinds of shapes and sizes.

In this sense, it will be easy to find a sink and a toilet that adapts to the characteristics of our small bathroom. For the water area, the most common thing to see is a shower tray, although small bathrooms with bathtubs are also common. Today, toilets can be found in various sizes and there are also special bathtubs for small bathrooms.

baños pequeños con bañera

From here we can also consider adding other accessories for small bathrooms. Although the bathroom mirror is a necessary element in a bathroom, we can choose to complete it more. Among the currently most used accessories are seca electric towels or wall-mounted bidets.

Budget for a bathroom renovation

Having established the main criteria for a small bathroom renovation, the question of the price of everything arises. As with most modifications and interior renovations, everything will depend on the surface to be renovated and the materials chosen. We must contemplate different scenarios.

We can find from a small bathroom in a house with a very marked decorative style to a functional bathroom in a city apartment. Even so, it is possible to estimate how much it could cost to small bathroom renovation. If we focus on a complete toilet like the one we have described with medium-high quality materials we could be between €3,000 and €5,000.

Currently a price in line with the market and with which you can get a modern, functional and durable bathroom. With these tips regarding image and equipment, we hope that your new small bathroom will be perfect and meet all your expectations.