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Use exposed brick decoration in a modern home

1 June, 2023 · Blog

The trends in the sector of interior design of houses and flats change quite frequently. Either because new decorative desires arise or because some that had ceased to be in vogue are recovering. However, there are some decorative elements that never go out of fashion and can be integrated into the new trends that are emerging.

One of the most used and in demand is the exposed brick. That wall that years ago was covered with plaster to create a smooth wall is now a very powerful decoration element. The biggest advantage of exposed brick is that it can fit into many decorative elements. In this sense, it looks just as good in a rustic style house as in a contemporary design apartment in the center of the city.

ladrillo visto en la cocina

Using exposed brick decoration is a safe bet in any interior design. Even so, it must be applied well and for them we are going to comment on several ideas and tips for the decoration of exposed brick. In this case both for exposed brick walls and vaulted ceilings that can also be restored and integrated into the decoration.

Restore exposed brick

First, let’s focus on the authentic exposed brick, the one that was used to build the house or the floor at the time of origin. In this case two options can arise if we want to use a visible brick decoration. These walls may already be visible or, on the contrary, be covered by a layer of plaster that must be removed.

Although the work is different in each case, in both situations the brick will need to be restored. The objective is that the exposed brick wall is totally new and not affected by, for example, changes in temperature. For this it is necessary to apply a good cleaning with products intended for it. In the same way apply good drying and a layer of protective material.

On the one hand, we will gain the elegance of having one or more exposed brick walls at home. In the same way, we will ensure that each wall has a resistant and durable surface. From there, using the exposed brick decoration can be integrated into the overall image of the home. As we have mentioned, it adapts very well to different styles.

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Alternatives to the original brick

The decorative sector market knows the importance of decorating with brick at home. In the same way that it is known that not all houses have original exposed brick walls. For this reason we can opt for the fake exposed brick as an alternative option and be able to fulfill our decorative desires.

Usually the imitation of visible brick is done with resistant materials and with raised finishes. Once placed on the walls we want, it will be difficult to determine if it is original or imitation. In turn, it is an economical option and much more practical when removing it to apply another decorative style.

Another advantage of the fake exposed brick is its appetite for different colors and finishes. Thanks to this we can count on bricks of different shades in the interior design of our home. Although the original material will always have a unique brushstroke, choosing the finish of an imitation will be easier than painting the exposed brick.

Combine the exposed brick

The decoration with exposed brick is suitable for various styles and designs. There are some that stand out much more. For example, a trendy interior design is the contemporary style. In this, the exposed brick fits perfectly between neutral shades and parquet floors. The combination of these elements generates very cozy and warm spaces.

decoracion ladrillo visto

In addition, all this can be completed with other related elements. One of the most sought after are exposed brick roofs. They are ideal finishes for areas such as the living room or the bedrooms. To the mentioned warmth they also apply an environment of calm and rest. As complements, doors and windows with wooden frames will also be perfectly integrated.

If you want to renew the interior design of your home, the decoration with exposed brick has to be among the options to choose. The advantages are many both visually and practically. They generate a very homely atmosphere and currently their maintenance is simpler. In addition, you can contact professional interior designers who guide you in the choice.