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Vintage style for the bathroom

22 May, 2014 · Blog · Tags: ,

In recent years the vintage style has gained much space in the world of interior design that has become a recurring type of decoration in many sectors. Within the interior design, many homeowners contact with professionals to adapt your home with a vintage style, as it certainly is decorated offering a very independent, completely different from other current trends like minimalism. But when decorating a home with vintage ¿can be done in all rooms? The resounding answer is: yes. For this reason, we will share some ideas to get a vintage style bathroom.

The main premise which should begin to get a vintage style bathroom is to be obtained in an intimate space. The colors recommended for these areas are based on neutral tones, as should be clear and natural. Therefore, colors like beige or white are ideal for getting an authentic vintage style bathroom. Moreover, it is well known that the use of fine vintage elements that complement the overall decoration. In the case of the bathroom, they could be towels, rugs, curtains, etc. Then, to find the perfect combination, the ideal is that these elements are tone gold or cream, without forgetting the floral prints so characteristic of the vintage style.

Ready topic of the shades should also use vintage style furniture. The furniture of this decorative style is characterized by classic lines and voluptuous. Usually, vintage syle furniture is wooden, or at least, a material that resembles him. If you need to opt for an essential element in a vintage style bathroom, this is the mirror. Obviously, a mirror can not be any, but should be a mirror with special characteristics, since it must be large and oval, which manages the largest possible space to reflect. It is strongly recommended that the mirror frame has floral scrolls or something characteristic of the vintage style.

The bathtub vintage style

If you go ahead with the idea of decorating the bathroom with a vintage style, another object that is becoming more important is the bathtub. Thanks to this element can capture a real sense of style in a vintage style bathroom. This may work as long as you keep the characteristics of this type of decoration, but it is recommended that the tub is vintage and very stately.

Finally, unlike other decorative currents as minimalism, vintage style decorative items used to recharge the atmosphere. In this sense, you can use the objects that you want: towel rails, boxes, soap dishes, etc., but always maintaining a harmonious aesthetic. In addition, the vintage style allows to combine modern elements with other former because it fits in your philosophy.

To achieve a perfect decoration, the ideal is to contact a professional. Groups invent the interior design team will advise you without obligation. Experience is a seal of guarantee.