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What are island hoods for kitchens

4 October, 2023 · Blog

Extractor hoods are an indispensable element in any kitchen. Its function is vital so that we can use it correctly. Thanks to the kitchen extractor we avoid the accumulation of smoke and odors in the kitchen space. It also helps prevent them from spreading to other areas of the house.

If we think of a classic kitchen, it is easy to place the extractor hood. Now, what happens in an open kitchen? Island hoods have been manufactured for this type of case, ideal for open concept kitchens. It is a perfect option to have an extractor hood integrated in a kitchen island.

campana integrada cocina

Currently, the island type hood is in great demand in kitchen renovations. The market has seen a functional element for the everyday life of a home. In this way there are several options of island type hoods for kitchens. In this sense it will be easy to find the perfect extractor for the new open kitchen.

Advantages of island hoods

On a practical level, the island hood offers the same benefits as an extractor hood with a traditional shape and installation. The fact that it is hidden does not prevent it from working just as well to carry out its task. In addition, as in conventional extractor hoods, there are different power intensities.

Another point in favor of this type of extractor hood is to maintain it. Being visible, they can be cleaned easily and do not require disassembly. Whether they are hidden or hanging, they offer great ease in terms of cleaning, which is very important in the kitchen. In this way they contribute to generating a more pleasant space.

campana para isla de cocina

Island type bell type

As we mentioned, the market offers us a wide variety of island type extractor hoods. We will focus on general concepts to appreciate the two most commonly used types of island hoods. From here, depending on the needs and design of the kitchen, you can choose one model or another.

A classic option is the extractor hood that descends from the ceiling. As the name suggests, it is a kitchen extractor fan suspended from the ceiling. It is responsible for absorbing the odors and fumes that are generated on the cooking plate that is in the kitchen island. In terms of design, there are stainless steel, with crystal finish and several other combinations.

Applying a more modern concept, we find integrated extractor hoods, both on the counter itself and on the ceiling. As the name suggests, this type of island type kitchen extractor is integrated in the place of its installation. In addition to the functional feature, it also provides a modern design.

Open kitchen extractor

campana integrada encimera

As we have explained, the extractor hood is a vitally important element in any kitchen. When this is open to other spaces in the house, it is even more important to avoid the spread of odors and smoke. In this sense, the island type kitchen hood is an element that combines functionality and design in equal measure.

If you think that an open kitchen fits better in your home, you can assess it with professionals in the sector. In terms of smoke extraction you don’t have to worry at all. Thanks to island type hoods, you can achieve this optimally.