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What furniture should a youth bedroom have

17 March, 2020 · Blog

The interior design department of Grupo Inventia receives all kinds of queries to improve all the rooms in the house. While the kitchen and bathroom may be the most recurring, there are also homeowners who need to visually and conveniently improve other areas of the home such as the livingroom or bedrooms.

dormitorio joven

We are going to focus on the last room mentioned, but more specifically on the youth bedroom and what furniture it should have. For a young man in the bedroom it becomes a very personal space in which to feel comfortable. This does not remain so that it can be a stay that combines the ideas of rest and daily tasks.

Bed and storage

To say bed is a must in a bedroom is redundancy, but it is. Usually for a youth bedroom we think of a single bed. There is no doubt that this is the most logical and practical when it comes to having more space in the rooms, but if you have a generous surface can be considered by placing a double bed.

dormitorio juvenil

In addition to greater comfort, it can also be removed with a double function, because if we place a canapé the extra storage space we get will be a great advantage. This may be complementary to the closet that, of course, also must have. Young people and teens are often out of fashion and clothes tend to accumulate, so having maximum storage in your bedroom will always be a plus.

Study area

When we talked about dual functionality in a youth bedroom, we were referring to the fact that in this one it is highly advisable that a study or work area be enabled. This will create a much more personal and organized space where you can perform both academic tasks and spend distracted moments reading or doing any activity.

In turn, equipping the youngest members of the house with a room where most of their tasks can be carried out will also bring values such as the responsibility of keeping their space neat and as comfortable as possible.

camas dormitorio juvenil

Renovations and furniture in Barcelona

At Inventia Group house renovations company we have a specialized interior design department that will advise you on the best distribution and design ideas for a youth bedroom. In turn we have a wide range of furniture such as beds, cabinets or desks. You can request all the information you need by calling 93 209 97 17.