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What is the energy certificate and how is it obtained?

16 December, 2022 · Blog

At the outset, it should be noted that the energy certificate has been a mandatory document since 2013. It is necessary to have it if you want to sell or rent a house. For this reason it is something that is not known at first, but you must know that it is when you carry out an operation of this type.

From there several questions arise such as What is the energy certificate? How is it achieved? Or how much is it worth? Each of them is answered in a simpler way than you might expect. As it is a necessary and mandatory procedure, only the established steps must be followed.

However, this can be a little tedious, since the bureaucratic procedures have a waiting time. For this reason, we are going to answer these key questions about how to get the energy efficiency certificate for your home. So, if you ever need it, it will be much easier.

What is the energy certificate?

The energy efficiency certificate is a document that has an informational character and is needed to be able to sell or rent a property. It is a document that must be presented, as it specifies key points of the housing in question. Specifically, this document details: the energy efficiency rating, the building’s consumption and also describes the energy characteristics and the possible improvements that can be made.

In other words, this energy certificate is an official document that must be drawn up by an approved technician. This point is very important, since this certificate of energy efficiency of our home must be registered with the official body of the Autonomous Community to which it belongs.

Only in this way will it have the character of a certificate and will it be legally within the current regulations. With the certified data, the home will be rated with a letter on the energy efficiency scale. Whatever the result, this energy certification is informative, the objective is to move towards efficient housing and to have evidence of it.

How to get the energy certificate

This is the question on the mind of more than one person interested in renting or selling their property: How do I get the energy certificate? Although it may take us a few days to wait, it is a simple procedure that requires two steps. First, you need to contact a qualified technician to be able to certify the energy values of the building.

Once the certification has been completed, you will receive a file detailing all the points required to request an energy certificate. If the rating is of a very low letter and you would like to improve it, the improvements that can be made are also included. It must be taken into account that the more sustainable the energy rating is, the greater the security.

The second step is to register this energy certificate drawn up by the specialist technician must be registered. To do this, you must go to the body prepared for it in the Autonomous Community in which the property is located. When the registration process has already been completed, the official energy label is obtained.

Energy certificate values

We have commented on it previously and this section deserves attention. This certificate has an energy rating made up of seven letters. The most efficient letter is “A” and the least efficient is “G”. Although it seems obvious, the more the letter A is searched for, the better our energy certificate will be.

As we mentioned above, a lower letter is not penalizing, but it can influence when selling a property. The valuation of the energy certificate is a detail that interested buyers are very aware of. The lower it is, the less efficient it is and, in addition to higher energy costs, it may require an economic investment to remedy it.

As you can see, getting the energy certificate is a simple procedure with very clear steps. Once explained, the question of How much is the energy certificate worth can arise? This is an aspect that depends on the rates of the technician you hire. Even so, it is a very standardized and requested procedure. With a good search on the Internet or word of mouth, you will surely be able to get a cheap energy certificate.