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Why change propane and butane to natural gas?

23 January, 2020 · Blog

cambio gas butano a gas natural

It is clear that, at present, the most efficient, sustainable and economical is an electrical installation that works through renewable energies such as aerothermal or solar energy. Many companies are specializing in repairing electrical installations to improve their efficiency and adapt to new energy sources.

However, the high cost of solar panel or aerothermal system installations still lags behind many users, who are still opting for natural gas, cheaper than electricity.

But in this sense, there is still some national “delay”, as there are still many areas where natural gas is not available and aspects such as propane or butane must be continued to be used. Let’s look at the benefits of switching from these types of fuels to natural gas

Change of butane to natural gas

It is true that butane is cheaper if you have very little consumption and it is mainly used for hot water and cooking. Another advantage of butane is that the price of the cylinder is regulated by the Government.

On the other hand, we must not forget that butane goes in chocolates, so be careful to change it before it runs out. This may mean that if we are not careful, we will run out of supplies.

Natural gas, on the other hand, has no regulated price (unless you are in the regulated market, which changes with auctions), so the price will depend on the seller you choose. If we have high consumption, natural gas is much cheaper.

But the biggest advantage of natural gas is that its supply is continuous, except for breakdowns. In addition the current facilities are very safe.

Unfortunately, a butane installation is not currently compatible with a propane installation, so a new natural gas installation will have to be done for the property.

Change from propane to natural gas

At present propane is more adapted, with the facilities of propane channeled and in bulk.

These types of propane are cheaper than butane if consumed, but still more expensive than natural gas.

In addition, it does not end with the problem that the supply is not continuous, as it is still necessary to be filling the tank. It is true that in the case of the sewerage, this is dealt with by the distributor according to consumption, so it is very rare to run out of supply.

If you want to change this type of installation to a natural gas one, the tank must be emptied and removed first. At this point you have to make the service connection, which is usually made by the distributor, but is paid by the user.