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Yellow tones in our home

25 June, 2015 · Blog · Tags:

From interior design Grupo Inventia want to dedicate this post to one of the most important issues regarding the interior design of our home: the color of the walls or, put another way, the main color of the rooms of our house .

Usually both our customers and our team we opted for neutral colors such as white, a sure success, beige or gray, relaxing colors and in turn generate much vitality. But today we want to innovate and propose the use of a risky because the color present in our livingroom and our bathroom. We refer to the yellow color and its various shades.

Hall alive and warm

Obviously, when we talk about yellow coloring not referring to color in their pure state, but in lowered tones. For example, we get a magnificent result and dynamic ocher tone using the lounge.

Undoubtedly it is very important to have a natural light, as grant greater vitality to stay. Using co ocher to paint the walls of the hall also get a room with a lot of energy but a point of calm, so that the area is ideal for both day to day and for times when you need to relax.

To combine it, nothing better than wood furniture or furniture with this type of tone. The combination of ocher and wood is very resultón in sight, because despite being very well connected different between them. For example, this can achieve a rustic style.

Fresh and pleasant bathroom

¿Why to use ocher at the bathroom? Because besides being able to combine it with other materials, will not result perfect for a stay vital and used as such.

In this case it is advisable tile halfway up the walls with tiles beige or cream and ocher paint the rest. This will achieve walls that low to the color intensity, getting feeling of spaciousness and light.

As in the living room, where the furniture in the sink can be made of wood, the result will be much better.

Interior Design Grupo Inevntia

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