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Before and after: house renovation in Polinyà

A few months ago we presented the result of the house renovation in Polinyà. It was a large scale and full scale house renovation, in which Grupo Inventia was in charge of renewing and modernizing all the rooms in the home. After a few days after its completion we want to show the before and after the work done in this house renovation.

The cohesion between the interior design departments and the execution of the work of Grupo Inventia made it possible for this house to pass an outdated look and insufficient equipment, as can be seen in the following video, to look contemporary style and offer the best features in key rooms such as the kitchen or the bathrooms.

Interior design

One of the aspects to improve in this work of house renovation was the one of the interior design. In the house, an atmosphere was breathed too long ago, so the rejuvenation of its rooms was indispensable. The owners of the property transferred to our interior designers their preferences so that a project according to their needs was elaborated.

It was a spectacular house renovation project that ended with all the rooms looking in a contemporary style and generating both modern and cozy environments. In general, neutral colors like white and beige predominate, since they are ideal for generating amplitude and luminosity.

On the other hand, the pavement was completely renovated by placing a parquet floor in medium wooden tones. This is an ideal type of floor to make warmth in rooms as personal as the livingroom or the bedrooms. Another important aspect in this house renovation was the rehabilitation of the stairs, which became wood and had a glass panel as a railing.

Kitchen and bathrooms

Both the kitchen and the bathrooms also demanded a modernization both in image and in equipment. After the house renovation work these rooms are adequate and prepared to provide efficiency and functionality in their daily use. In both cases the interior design was greatly improved and adapted to the new decorative style of the house.

Regarding the equipment, the kitchen has all the necessary electrical appliances for a correct result, like the bathrooms and its sanitary equipment. In both cases, it is shown that Grupo Inventia is one of the leading global house renovations companies.

House renovation projects

If you need to complete your house renovation, do not hesitate to contact us. We will prepare a customized project and we will deliver it for free and without commitment.