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Types of interior design for the kitchen

22 October, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

In the company Grupo Inventia we have been dedicated to the sector of renovations for more than ten years. During all this time we have developed all kinds of projects for different types of homes. In turn we have worked with a variety of interior design, as we have a department specializing in it.

Although in each space of the house both aspects go hand in hand, in the kitchen it increases even more. It is one of the most important rooms of a house and in which a renovation must be perfect. As much in the section of the work as in the one of the interior design. As we have mentioned, our catalog of options allows us to adapt to all situations.

In this post we will discuss some details about different types of interior design for kitchens we have worked with. As can be seen, this is an aspect that will depend on several factors. The location of the kitchen, whether closed or open, the overall interior design of the home, etc.

Contemporary interior design

A kitchen with a contemporary interior design presents a space adapted to current needs. Applying this type of design is intended to achieve the perfect union between new image and functionality. The goal is to get a kitchen that conveys a comfortable and tidy environment for everyday needs.

reforma de cocina

The arrangement of the kitchen elements in a contemporary interior design can vary depending on the space available. As in other types of designs, you can choose the distribution that best fits the space available. Therefore they can be linear kitchens, L-shaped or U-shaped, open kitchens…

The finishes of the furniture are usually presented in neutral tones such as white or beige. The combination with wood-finished furniture can even be accommodated. It is currently one of the most used decorative options. The panels are of smooth finish and do not present ornaments beyond the handles that are chosen. In this way you get a kitchen with a neutral interior design that generates a very bright and visually spacious space.

Minimalist interior design

In general, the minimalist interior design in a kitchen may seem similar to the previous one. However, there are several factors that make them very different. In this case we find kitchens that are perfectly delimited visually and are well integrated into the overall image of the home.

That is, they follow a decorative line in which linearity is the protagonist and has no ornaments. The panels of the cabinets and drawers are smooth and a push opening system is usually used. This avoids having to place handles and the linear shapes are maintained throughout the kitchen.

cocina lineal

In this type of interior design the colors can be varied and can depend on the style and location of the kitchen. If it is an open kitchen, it will be usual to use the color white, since the walls of the other spaces will be of the same shade. In a closed kitchen you can also use the color black, very elegant in this style of kitchen interior design.

Rustic interior design

The rustic kitchen interior design differs from the previous two. In this case the intention is to provide the kitchen with a warmer and more familiar atmosphere. Wood or stone finishes take center stage, as a more rural image is intended. The ideal is to use it in large kitchens and have an effective office area both for day to day and to receive visitors.

As mentioned the most natural thing is that the present furniture with wood finishes. The intensity will depend on the rest of the chosen interior design, although all finishes are valid. In this case, the panels of the kitchen furniture will have some decorative relief and the handles will be given prominence.

In rustic interior design for kitchens other elements such as countertops can be installed in various colors. Wood finishes enhance this image and white, black, stone finish countertops, etc. they will combine perfectly.

reforma integral

Kitchen renovations in Barcelona and neighborhoods

Having seen some of the different kitchen interior design that we can apply, we share a video in which we explain how we prepare a kitchen renovation project. Our professionals will work in a personalized way so that in your new kitchen you have everything you need.

To request your quote you can call us at 93 209 97 17. We will deliver it to you along with a 3D project at no cost or commitment. In this way you can accept it or make the changes you deem appropriate that we will implement. All this based on a previous contact in which you explain all the needs and improvements you want for your kitchen.